What would make us excited about a skip full of concrete? When it’s just been removed from a river!

This week we have removed three weirs from the upper reaches of the River Afan near to Cymmer. These weirs, whilst relatively low in height, were disrupting the natural flows and movement of gravels and sediment in the river. Now that they are gone, the river here is able to flow freely again!

These are just three of the barriers removed under the ‘Reconnecting the Salmon Rivers of Wales project’ led by Swansea University, with partners Afan Valley Angling and Conservation Club, Afonydd Cymru, Dwr Cymru Welsh Water, The Wye and Usk Foundation and Cyfoeth Naturiol Cymru / Natural Resources Wales, from the Nature Networks Fund, which is funded by the Welsh Government and administered by The National Lottery Heritage Fund in Wales.