Adopt a Tributary

Do you enjoy walking along your local river and are you interested in taking a role in protecting it? We are looking for existing groups or individuals to join our growing network of ‘Adopt a Tributary’ groups which are volunteering to help protect a section of their local river and help make improvements for rivers and their wildlife.

Many tributaries are important as fish spawning and nursery areas, but a variety of factors including pollution, barriers to fish migration, littering and general habitat degradation means they are often not as healthy as they could be. Their restoration is essential to improve wildlife populations and water quality.

Our Adopt groups carry out everything from simply informing us of issues and opportunities while out walking along their river, to litter picks, wildlife surveys, water quality monitoring and even in-stream habitat restoration! We will provide the training, support, equipment and H&S guidance to help you in protecting your river.

You can see our existing adopted river sections on the map below. If you would like to sign up to Adopt a section of your local river, either as part of an existing or new group, please get in touch at