Adopt a Tributary

Adopt a Tributary is a community-led project to protect the tributaries of the Afon Tywi in Carmarthenshire. Working with Carmarthenshire Fisherman’s Federation (CFF) and funded by Dwr Cymru, Natural Resources Wales, Carmarthenshire County Council and Gregg’s Foundation we have been able to lead on a two-year project which sees local people taking ownership of their nearby waterways.

The project aims to improve water quality and the river channel and riparian habitats which will be of benefit to many aquatic species and others that are reliant on the river corridor.

Carmarthenshire Fisherman’s Federation piloted the scheme in 2018 with the fully funded project commencing in summer 2019. CFF have continued to make great headway in opening up blockages in rivers and removing plastics whilst the West Wales Rivers Trust have been able to employ a project officer for two days per week to lead on the scheme and to develop community groups to adopt twelve tributaries in the area.

Since coming into post in July, West Wales Rivers Project Officer, Ieuan, has been busy bringing communities together to work on litter and blockage removal and bank-side fencing with plans for riparian tree planting, invasive species removal and educational talks and film nights over the winter months. Five community groups have so far been formed and the project has already featured nine different tributaries so improvement works are well underway.

If you have an interest in supporting the project please write to Ieuan directly on