Since becoming the West Wales Rivers Trust in 2017 we’ve been wrangling with our ambition to take on large-scale habitat improvement works and river education programmes with our small staff-base and limited resources. As a Trust we’re looking to expand and are putting lots of resources into developing projects and achieving funding to develop our staffing opportunities.

In the meantime, we are looking to reinvigorate the volunteer base we inherited from previous rivers’ Trusts in the region and we feel that needs a dedicated presence in order for us to do so.

Volunteers are integral to our work and with more volunteers we’ll be able to expand our reach. For this reason we think it’s important to have someone in position to ensure that each volunteer receives all the information they need to begin their role and to feel supported throughout the year.

We’re looking for a person to dedicate themselves to this role whereby they can help us develop and improve our volunteering programme and keep associated admin up-to-date.

Whilst there might need to be more input initially as we get our systems up to scratch, we envisage this volunteer role taking perhaps an hour a week once things are settled. Despite the small amount of time we are asking for, it is very important that the Volunteer Coordinator keeps up the regularity and is available at least on a weekly basis for most of the year.

We’d like someone who is methodical, organised, people-focussed, good at communicating, computer literate (as far as Microsoft Office and email communication) and with at least an hour a week to dedicate long-term. It would be great if you are based in West Wales.

Please write us an email titled ‘Volunteer Coordinator’ introducing yourself, your qualities and why you think this role is for you. Please send it to Please feel free to ask us any questions in return.