Sir David Henshaw, the new Chairman of Natural Resources Wales, has proclaimed his support for driving down agricultural pollutions alongside the organisations own initiatives. You can read the full statement here.

At the West Wales Rivers Trust we’re thrilled to hear this. Agricultural pollution is a huge issue for rivers in our region particularly and we welcome all the strategies to curb the problem and reverse the detrimental effects on our rivers and their wildlife.

We’re not sitting on our laurels though! Whilst we wait for all the positive outcomes from the new regulations we’re also getting out there and speaking to our region’s agricultural workers on the ground. Under the guidance of the Wye and Usk Foundation, who have very successfully implemented similar schemes in their area, we have three Catchment Advisers working with farmers to create water management plans and helping them to identify funding avenues to make improvements to their set up.

Gareth oversees the Ceri Brook catchment whilst Jodie and Jim look after the Western Cleddau. If you’re a farmer in one of these areas and you’ve not yet been visited by Gareth, Jodie or Jim then please do contact them using, and

The majority of issues identified on farms in the region were insufficient manure and slurry storage. Over the last eighteen months of the project, £13,000 has been offered to farmers in the region as infrastructure improvement grants to help them achieve better water management on their farms. Sixty different farms had been engaged on the project up until the end of December 2018. It is hoped that this will increase to 110 farms by the end of the coming August.