The Fishing Passport

The West Wales Rivers Trust are excited to announce the expansion of the successful Fishing Passport scheme from its stronghold in the Welsh borderlands to the famous fishing rivers of our region.


What is the Fishing Passport?

A simple system which allows anglers to book river sections to fish on a day-by-day basis


Who benefits?

Anglers – The scheme allows fisherman easy access to beats on rivers that they may not ordinarily have been able to access, but also includes a daily rate at both renown and undiscovered fisheries.

Riparian Owners – Whether they already offer fishing on their beats or not, all riparian owners will be able to financially benefit from ticket sales and the admin-free system in place.

The Rivers & Wildlife – The very reason that a conservation charity is offering this scheme is because a % of the rate goes to the local Rivers Trust, directly supporting conservation in the very region you are fishing.

How do I look for fishing opportunities?

The Fishing Passport has it’s own dedicated website where you can search for fishing opportunities right away.


How do I add my stretch of river or lake?

Write to Jim on who will help you get your patch online.



The extension of the fishing passport project across West Wales is being delivered by WWRT under the West Wales Angling Passport Project that is generously funded through the LEADER Co-operation Project, which is part of the Welsh Government Rural Communities – Rural Development Programme 2014 – 2020.