W05: St Catherines Bridge

Grid Reference: SM945198
SatNav Co-ordinates: N 51.83899°, W 04.98364°
Nearest postcode SA62 4BX


St Catherine’s Bridge near Camrose is a pictureque location on the main Western Cleddau river. Downstream of the bridge on Mile Field is an area is where Pembrokeshire Rivers Trust and the Environment Agency Wales (now Natural Resources Wales) carried out habitat improvement works several years ago. The site was for many years grazed by livestock with unrestricted access to the river, which resulted in widespread damage to the banks and bed of the river (by grazing, trampling and fouling), causing erosion and stirred up sediment with biological waste.

The restoration project at the Mile Field involved physical maintenance to help the environment to return to its natural state, this was a demonstration site on how to counter the effects of land drainage and intensive farming. A range of protective measures were used such as a fence running down both sides of the river to limit livestock from grazing the banks and entering the river, with cattle watering bays. Boulder banks were installed on some areas of the riverbank deemed to be eroded badly. Habitat forming is an ongoing process helped by the laying down of new bedding materials and the clearing of silts; these types of improvements aid habitats important to young or spawning fish.



The riverbank is accessed by climbing over a stile and traversing a narrow grassed pathway. The stile has recent been improved to aid access to the riverbank for visitors and anglers.



Car parking is very limited at the site, with a small lay-by before the bridge. Please take care as this road can be very busy with farm traffic.



There are no facilities at the site. There are toilets, and café at the nearby Withybush showground and further on at Haverfordwest.


Activities and Places of Interest nearby

Permits for fishing are available from Pembrokeshire Angling Association – don’t forget you also will need to buy a Fishing Rod licence. Downstream of the bridge footpaths lead to Haverfordwest town centre. Nearby on the Withybush showground there is a wide range of activities on offer such as go-karting, a golf driving range, helicopter flights and a Spitfire museum.


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The Cleddau Trail Map

The Pembrokeshire Rivers Trust Cleddau Trail takes you on two 'Source to Sea' river journeys. Follow the Western Cleddau Trail to discover unspoilt natural habitats, home to migratory salmon and sewin, kingfishers and other wildlife. The Eastern Cleddau Trail follows the flow of Pembrokeshire's rainwater as it becomes drinking water.


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