E09: Cresswell Quay

Grid Reference: SN050066
SatNav Co-ordinates: N 51.72502°, W 04.82472°
Nearest postcode SA68 0TE


Cresswell Quay is situated on the Cresswell River. It had a busy former life in the 18th and early 19th Century as a port, where coal from the many small mines in the area was shipped to Lawrenny and there loaded onto larger boats. The village was originally called Christ’s Well Chapel, probably with reference to the ruined Cresswell Castle on the opposite bank. Today Cresswell Quay is a quiet village with the Cresselly Arms pub as the main attraction for visitors by land and river. The outdoor pub seating features interpretation panels telling the stories of the people of Cresswell Quay in days gone by.



The route to Cresswell Quay takes you through the picturesque countryside from Lawrenny village and along the edge of the Cresswell river.



The river is tidal at Cresswell Quay, and the stepping stones can only be accessed at very low tide. Take care when crossing the river.



There is a grassy picnic area with benches next to the river and public toilets in the village.


Activities and Places of interest nearby

The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Cresswell River circular walk leads to Lawrenny on foot, via the stepping stones at Cresswell Quay at low tide, or via a safer river crossing further upstream at higher tide. At Carew the tidal mill and castle are busy tourist attractions with many wonderful riverside and woodland walks to enjoy.


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