The Cleddau Trail

Pembrokeshire Rivers Trust’s Cleddau Trail is a two-part ‘source to sea’ road journey which features 20 sites to visit throughout the Cleddau rivers catchment. Part 1 of the Trail follows the course of the Eastern Cleddau river catchment, which is important for Pembrokeshire’s water supply, and part 2 follows the Western Cleddau which has many special habitats for migratory fish and other important species on the Western Cleddau. Both rivers have fantastic wildlife and history to explore via the many public footpaths at each site.

The Cleddau Trail was originally devised in 2006 by the Celtic Rivers Partnership in tandem with an Irish interpretative trail project, The Slaney Drive, alongside the river Slaney in County Wexford. Pembrokeshire Rivers Trust resurrected the project last year with the help of a Welsh Government grant via the Pembrokeshire ‘Cleddau to Coast’ Fisheries Local Action Group and have created a bilingual double-sided A3 leaflet for distribution to visitors.

The English version of the leaflet can be downloaded in A4 PDF format by clicking here.

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The Cleddau Trail Map

The Pembrokeshire Rivers Trust Cleddau Trail takes you on two 'Source to Sea' river journeys. Follow the Western Cleddau Trail to discover unspoilt natural habitats, home to migratory salmon and sewin, kingfishers and other wildlife. The Eastern Cleddau Trail follows the flow of Pembrokeshire's rainwater as it becomes drinking water.


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