Viewers have another chance to watch ‘Iolo: Saving the Land of the Wild’ which was broadcast on BBC Wales at the end of April. The show will be repeated on BBC 2 Wales this Saturday (25th May) at 7pm and will then be available on iPlayer for the next 30 days.

We were thrilled to see how much attention was given to the plight of rivers in West Wales specifically, as well as further issues for rivers in wider Wales. Featuring Frank Jones from the West Wales Rivers Trust in one segment of the show, Iolo covered topics such as slurry pollution from dairy farms as well as microplastics in invertebrates. He took his concerns to Lesley Griffiths, Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs and Clare Pillman, Chief Executive of Natural Resources Wales and spoke with farmers and other stakeholders about how best to proceed for a healthy Wales full of diverse wildlife.

Graham Horder has worked as a freelance wildlife cameraman for 30 years and has offered his own insight into the thought-provoking documentary which highlights the plight of many iconic Welsh species. “Having travelled the world filming wildlife television I am always aware that I’m privileged to be experiencing the best habitats and wildlife that still exist. Very often, outside of the areas we are filming, the landscape and habitats are impoverished, hammered to within an inch of their lives by human demands. This is as true in Wales as it is in any part of the world.”

‘Iolo: Saving the Land of the Wild’ is a documentary that I am proud to have worked on. It’s not just about wildlife, it’s about the health of the Welsh landscape. It’s an honest examination of how degraded our country has become in just a few decades.”

We, at the West Wales Rivers Trust, hope you will be able to watch the important programme and share news of it amongst your connections.