How You Can Help

  • Are you interested in your local river environment?
  • Do you want to improve it for both wildlife and the local community?
  • Would you like to develop your skills and experience and increase your employment potential?
  • Do you want to meet local, like-minded people?

If so why not volunteer with West Wales Rivers Trust? No previous experience is necessary. If you have time and energy to spare, please help us with our project work, fundraising and other activities.

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Just send us your name. email address and contact number and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible

Even if you are not able to join our working groups, you can still make a valuable contribution to improving the rivers, lakes and wetlands of Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire; what we can do is funds limited. Please help us to raise money to invest in the natural environment of West Wales.

Please become a supporter. Just a few pounds a year from those who care about the natural beauty and wildlife of our region can make a world of difference. We are also working to set up tax-efficient methods of contributing, and we will be publishing details of these in a forthcoming newsletter.


Volunteers are needed now

Here is your chance to work with West Wales Rivers Trust right away. We are partners in the Young Conservationists Initiative – an environmental education project based on improving small stream habitats.


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The Cleddau Trail Map

The Pembrokeshire Rivers Trust Cleddau Trail takes you on two 'Source to Sea' river journeys. Follow the Western Cleddau Trail to discover unspoilt natural habitats, home to migratory salmon and sewin, kingfishers and other wildlife. The Eastern Cleddau Trail follows the flow of Pembrokeshire's rainwater as it becomes drinking water.


Can You Help Us?