Fly tipping on the Brynberian Stream

Following a report of fly tipping on the banks of the Brynberian stream, Natural Resources Wales alerted Pembrokeshire Rivers Trust and Nevern Angling Association and a volunteer working party was swiftly organised to clear up the rubbish and remove it from the site. With assistance and equipment provided by Keep Wales Tidy, 12 people spent 2½ hours on a dry morning in November 2013 dealing with what turned out to be a long-established tip containing all manner of unpleasant pollutants and debris, such as car batteries, tyres, plastics, aerosols, rusted metal, many bottles, broken glass and stomach-churning food waste, all of which had to be heaved up a steep bank and sorted by hand. (Analysis of the tip contents by volunteers concluded that the responsible party was a pickle-eating, whisky-swigging, clean-shaven, environmental vandal with aching joints and a new TV!!)

The rubbish tip was located very close to the stream edge, with the potential in high river flows to be washed downstream via the main river Nevern and into the sea at the river’s mouth, Newport beach. Nevern Angling Association ( plays a very important stewardship role for the rivers and streams in the Nevern catchment and further afield, members regularly carry out river habitat surveys, invertebrate monitoring and working closely with landowners to protect riverbanks, ensuring migratory fish and other wildlife are given the best chance possible to thrive.

This fly tip clearance involved volunteers and environmental charities working together with Natural Resources Wales and Pembrokeshire County Council (PCC) to improve the environment. The clearance was made possible by Keep Wales Tidy who liaised with PCC to dispose carefully of the car batteries and tyres, glass, metal and other general rubbish.

Fly tipping next to watercourses is particularly damaging, with pollutants and nutrients leaching quickly into the water and killing pollution-sensitive freshwater invertebrates, an important food source for fish and waterbirds.

To report a fly tip or any pollution problems in our waters especially fish-kills, call the Natural Resources Wales Hotline as soon as possible on 0800 80 70 60.

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