It’s not just people and dogs who suffer in heatwaves, fish can also struggle too. With further hot weather forecast for the upcoming weeks, we wanted to provide some advice on what to look out for and how you can help to avoid fish deaths in our rivers.

Extreme weather, including continuous hot temperatures and thunderstorms, can be highly dangerous for fish and can cause a range of problems, particularly for more susceptible species like salmon and pike. Hot and sunny weather typically triggers algal blooms, which can reduce dissolved oxygen levels in our waters leading to fish becoming distressed and, in some cases, dying.

Please keep an eye out for fish that look in distress when out by our rivers. Signs to look out for include fish gasping for air or floating on the surface, unable to dive. Anglers can help vulnerable fish stocks by minimising use of bait, taking care when playing, landing and releasing large or sensitive fish, such as pike, barbel, trout and salmon, as well as avoiding taking photos of fish out of water to avoid further oxygen loss.

If you see that fish are in distress, please call Natural Resources Wales 24/7 incident hotline on 03000 653 000.