On Tuesday 4th February, the West Wales Rivers Trust invite members of the local community from all around the Llansadwrn area to find out about the charity and how the community might be able to help their conservation efforts, specifically to reduce plastic pollution.

The West Wales Rivers Trust strives to conserve the network of waterways that cover Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire. Faced with pollution issues, changes of land use and at-sea industrial fishing activities, the region’s famous sewin and salmon populations have dwindled to just a remnant few. These iconic species are the flagship of the charity’s conservation efforts as restoration of a healthy, accessible waterway can be showcased by the fish populations it sustains.

With various projects already on the ground in Carmarthenshire, the West Wales Rivers Trust would now like to speak to our community as it is hoped that they can all be involved in any project work that may arise.

The evening will consist of an informal gathering at the Llansadwrn Reading Room with a film ‘A Plastic Ocean’ that highlights the problems arising from plastic pollution, this will be followed by a couple of short presentations to explain the work of the Trust and how locals can help make a positive change.

Everyone welcome. The event will kick off at 7pm in the Reading Room.