Blue-Green Algae At Llys-y-Fran

Blue Green Algae (BGA) blooms have occurred in Llys-y-Fran reservoir on a number of occasions over the last few years and they have had a significant impact on this major Dwr Cymru/Welsh Water (DC/WW) asset as well as the catchment of the Eastern Cleddau.

In November 2011, Environment Agency Wales (EAW) and DC/WW agreed to form a local Working Group involving all interested parties, aiming to work together to try and minimise the amount of nutrients entering the reservoir as well as planning the response to future algae blooms. Statutory Bodies such as Pembrokeshire County Council, Public Health Wales, Countryside Council of Wales (CCW), Food Standards Agency and Animal Health were invited to attend.

The only non-statutory body invited to sit on the working group were PRT, a result of the close working relationship that PRT has with EAW and CCW in Pembrokeshire. PRT has been at the fore-front in the delivery of environmental projects in Pembrokeshire over the last 10 years and were seen by EAW and DCWW as a vital partner in the effort to reduce the amount of nutrients entering the reservoir.

Although a draft guidance plan on “Responding to BGA Incidents in Wales” was in circulation, it proved to be limited when actually put into practice. Members of the working group were asked to comment on the draft plan and the resulting document is be used throughout Wales to respond to future BGA blooms. Also, as a result of the co-operation between EAW, CCW, DC/WW and PRT, a multi-agency Nutrient Workshop for farmers around Llys-y-Fran reservoir was held in February 2012 and PRT were invited to give a presentation on its work in Pembrokeshire. The involvement of the Trust in the production of the response plan and nutrient workshop is seen as a vital step in maintaining its involvement in local and national initiatives and strengthening its links with community partnerships.


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