There is a real risk that once the EEC has no influence, the environment will come second or third in politicians minds. The recent rejection of an NVZ in Wales, against the advice of all environmentalists, is a case in point.

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The European Protection Agency Health Services Commission, warned us all in 2010 (“Position paper No 1”)

It says that¬† “the safety of drinking water is paramount”, but experience in West Wales, where Blue Green algae is endemic in the reservoirs, gives scientists a differing view. Short term the neurotoxins may be innocent, but long term they are almost certainly poisonous. I personally am giving serious consideration to a “water distilling unit” at home, but I have not got evidence that this will help as yet.

The paper can be downloaded below:


In Ireland, a country with similar agricultural intensification to Wales, for meat production, the EEC Nitrates Directive has been in place since 1991.

Nitrates DirectiveWhat is the Nitrates Directive?

The Nitrates Directive (91/676/EEC) has been in place since 1991. It aims to protect water quality from pollution by agricultural sources and to promote the use of good farming practice. All EU Member States are required to prepare National Nitrates Action Programmes (NAP) that outline the rules for the management and application of livestock manures and other fertilisers.

Sea Bird Scientific advertises a Nitatrate Monitor:

SUNA V2 UV Nitrate Sensor

The SUNA V2 UV nitrate sensor is the ultimate chemical-free solution for autonomous monitoring of nitrogen-based nutrient concentrations in ocean, estuarine, and high turbidity freshwater environments to 500 m.
Image result for nitrates pollution cartoon