Projects: Partnership is the Key

Working with communities, local authorities and other partners to make a real and sustainable difference, we are actively involved in:

  • Researching causes of environmental damage
  • Restoring damaged river, lake and wetlands habitats
  • Improving access so that infirm and disabled people can enjoy waterside recreation and study
  • Celtic Rivers Trust Partnership…
  • Pembrokeshire Angling Initiative…


With safety in mind…

The Trust is committed to working with landowners to create safe access to West Wales’ waterside for children and young people and for those with disabilities. We will also endeavour to support initiatives aimed at reducing the incidence of injury to or death of wildlife.


Putting Policy into Practice…

In the first few months of its existence, the Trust began working to make a difference. We are giving advice and practical assistance to:

* The Young Conservationists Initiative
* MSc research into the decline in numbers of aquatic insects

Further initiatives are at the planning stage. In particular Pembrokeshire Rivers Trust is determined to play its part, with others, in helping the rural economy recover from the setback of foot-and-mouth disease.


The Cleddau Trail Map

The Pembrokeshire Rivers Trust Cleddau Trail takes you on two 'Source to Sea' river journeys. Follow the Western Cleddau Trail to discover unspoilt natural habitats, home to migratory salmon and sewin, kingfishers and other wildlife. The Eastern Cleddau Trail follows the flow of Pembrokeshire's rainwater as it becomes drinking water.


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