If the river is white, think of milk, if the river is algal and there is a dead sheep think of blue green algae and neurotoxins, if there are dead fish think of chemicals (accidental or deliberate). If there are cormorants there are usually fish. Yesterday I walked the eastern Cleddau and failed to see one cormorant, one dipper or a kingfisher. There were no fish to be seen at the height of the running season for salmon. 20 years ago I could take a visitor to the spawning reds and virtually guarantee we would see a salmon. 30 years ago when we had fungal disease infection my children walked into the river with a hatchet and dispatched some of the most distressed fish out of sympathy.  If you do the Cleddau Trail have this number on you. We are all volunteers when it comes to water quality.

You should have no sympathy if you think the river has ben polluted.

Reports should be made on freephone: 0300 065 3000 and details are on the NRW website. Put this into your mobile/cellphone now.

Always ask for an incident number, and for feedback. Follow up with a phone call in 4 weeks if no feedback.

You should be given a diagnosis but often there is insufficient evidence because of time delays. (especially in remote areas). So speed is essential. If you have a mobile put this number into it, and

don’t wait to get home – report immediately.


0300 065 3000